ALL-IN Block Party



What is the ALL-IN Block Party?

ALL-IN Block Parties are designed to bring people together to participate in a series of challenges that encourage Hoosiers to try new experiences, learn more about Indiana and imagine ways to make Indiana even better. The in-person events are a way to bring the challenges, trivia and facts featured on the ALL-IN website to life.


What is ACPL doing for the ALL-IN Block Party?

The ALL-IN Progressive Block Party will take place from April 1-3, 2016. Throughout the weekend and at various times, community members will be able to visit all of the fourteen Allen County Public Library branches to participate in different challenges. Each location will have four different challenge activities. We have added the word “progressive” into our block party because we will encourage people to visit more than one location over the course of the event.

Prizes will be a part of the block party! More on how to win, soon.


Why the ALL-IN Block Party?

The Allen County Bicentennial Task Force came up with an idea for a large community-wide celebration. What better place than ACPL?!

We want to host an ALL-IN Progressive Block Party to engage Allen County residents in celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial.  By hosting this party our community will benefit through the opportunity to get to know their neighbors, to create meaningful and positive relationships with various community entities (government, charities, etc.), to exhibit pride in where we live, and learn about Allen County’s past, present, and future. In addition, community members will have a chance to see our investment in residents as well as value and honor their diversity.


Friday April 1

3-5 pm Monroeville

3-5 pm Woodburn

4-6 pm Grabill

4-6 pm Dupont


Saturday April 2

10-12 pm New Haven

11-1 pm Shawnee

12-2 pm Hessen Cassel

1-3 pm Waynedale

1-3 pm Pontiac

2-4 pm Tecumseh

2-4 pm Georgetown

3-5 pm Little Turtle

3-5 pm Aboite


Sunday April 3

1-4 pm Main